It is the duty of the Civil Service Commission, in compliance with Title VI of Pueblo Municipal Code (PMC), to hear appeals from any action pertaining to classification, reclassification and allocation of positions, and from any disciplinary action involving suspension in excess of two (2) working days, demoting or dismissing any employee in the classified service and to report in writing to the superior taking the action appealed from, its findings and decisions. The decisions of the Civil Service Commission on such appeals shall be final unless reversed by the District Court.

If you wish to submit an appeal/objection to the Civil Service Commission, please follow these instructions:
  1. Click here to download the appeal form
  2. Submit the completed appeal form, along with your written objection to the Civil Service Office.  You can submit your appeal via regular mail, in person, email, or fax.   
    • Appeals submitted after the appeal deadline (see the PMC) will not be accepted.
    • Appeals submitted without the completed appeal form will not be accepted.
    • In submitting your appeal, please make sure your response pertains to the particular PMC section or Civil Service rule and addresses the action you are appealing.  Please provide as much detail and evidence as may be necessary to state your case, and to assist the Commission in making an informed decision.  

Please contact the Civil Service Office with any questions relating to this matter.

Civil Service Office
301 West B Street
Pueblo, CO 81003
Phone: 719-553-2635
Fax:  719-553-2685