Civil Service

Mission Statement

Under the direction of the Civil Service Commission, the primary functions of the Civil Service Office are to recruit and develop/administer examinations for all classified positions for the City of Pueblo.

The Civil Service Commission holds regular monthly meetings and is responsible for conducting hearings on employment related matters pertaining to classification, reclassification, allocation of positions and disciplinary action. Under the direction of the City Manager, the Civil Service Office is also responsible for conducting recruitments and managing the hiring processes for unclassified positions for the City of Pueblo.


  • Provide effective and efficient customer service to all citizens and employees
  • Provide direction and support to candidates seeking employment with the city
  • Develop and administer competitive examinations for purposes of establishing eligibility lists
  • Maintain a neutral environment conducive of providing fair and equitable appeal processing
  • Provide ongoing support to the City’s departments throughout the hiring process
  • Support Human Resources efforts to locate and identify candidates for city jobs through recruitment efforts