Civil Service Rule 23 Appeals

Who can appeal? 

  1. Rule 23 – A classified service employee who took an exam open only to City of Pueblo classified employees (promotional examination).
  2. Other – The Civil Service Commission is a body of limited jurisdiction and can only review cases for which Commission appeal rights are explicitly granted.

How do I appeal and what are the applicable deadlines?

  1. Content and Conduct – 10 business days after date of examination.
    • Content – You must contact our office to  request exam review and set-up a date/time.  Appeal forms and instructions will be made available at time of appointment.
    • Conduct – Click here to access the appeal form and instructions.
  2. Scoring and Ranking - 10 business days after date of notice of examination results.  Click here to access the appeal form and instructions.

Please Note:  Late or incomplete submittals will not be accepted for Commission review.  

What can I expect?

  1. Extensive review during exam development and appeals.
    • Exam Development– Whether the exam is developed in-house or purchased through an exam vendor:
      • The developer ensures the exam relates either to the job’s required knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) or the posted reference list.
      • Department leadership reviews the draft exam and provides input/direction on exam content.
    • Item Analysis – Prior to calculating and reporting exam results, the developer reviews exam items for overt anomalies that may have surfaced upon exam administration by analyzing the collective test-takers responses.  Any errors found through the item analysis are corrected and the final scores are reported to the applicants.
    • Appeal Review– After an appeal is submitted:
      • Department leadership reviews the appeal(s) with the Civil Service Administrator and provides a recommendation on whether an appeal should be granted or rejected.
      • When applicable, the Administrator forwards the appeal(s) to the exam vendor, along with any City recommendations.  The exam vendor also provides review and recommendations to the City.
      • The Administrator forwards the appeal to the Civil Service Commission, together with all recommendations and any relevant information the Commission needs to make an informed decision. 
  2. The Civil Service Commission reviews all available information and delivers a vote (Approve, reject or set for hearing) to the Administrator.  The Commission has 10 business days after the appeal is filed to issue a ruling.   The Commission may, in its discretion, conduct a formal or informal hearing on an objection.  If that’s the case, a ruling may be issued by the Commission within 10 business days after the hearing.    
  3. Notice of Decision
  • The Administrator will relay the Commission’s decision to you via email as soon as a response is received from the Commission.
  • If the Commission decides to hold a hearing, the Administrator will contact you to give you more information and schedule the hearing (at a mutually agreeable date/time).  In most instances, the Commission prefers to hold these types of hearings during their next monthly meeting, which is usually held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. 
  • Until a determination is rendered, no appointment shall be made from the eligible list established by the examination under review, unless eligibility for such appointment would be unaffected by any ruling which the Commission might lawfully issue.
  • The decision, finding or action of the Commission shall be final and binding on all parties unless within thirty (30) days thereafter it is appealed to the District Court under the provisions of Section 1-7-14 of this Code.


Please note that the above statements are meant to help you by providing direction on our process based on best practices, Civil Service Rules, Pueblo Municipal Code, and collective bargaining agreements.  Should any statement above be in contradiction with said policies/practices, the established policies shall prevail.