Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports 

Promoting Fiscal Responsibility 

The City of Pueblo is committed to ensuring open, honest communication about it's finances and expenditures. For this reason, the city compiles and prepares a review of their audited annual comprehensive finance report (ACFR) annually concerning the financial condition and fiscal results of city operations. The most recent audit took place for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2022.

The Finance department received the Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting on the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report for 2019

The City of Pueblo Financial statements are presented for convenience and information purposes only, and while reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the integrity of such information, they should not be relied on. A copy of the printed financial statements is available for viewing at Pueblo Library locations or at the City of Pueblo Finance Department. 

Contact Us

For additional information about the ACFR process, please contact the Finance Department at (719) 553-2625.