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Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Do you take online bids?
At this time we are unable to accept online or electronic bid submittals.  For each project please follow the instructions listed within the  document.

 2. How do I tell who was awarded a bid project?
Reports that show a considerable amount of information will be posted for all bids that have been awarded on the Bid Results/Project Reports page.  The information is updated on a regular basis. If the information regarding a project award is not available, please send an email to the Purchasing Department. 
3. How long after a bid opening are projects awarded?
Final award is made after the bid, request for proposal (RFP), or request for qualifications (RFQ) submittals are evaluated. On construction contracts, final award is made after City Council has approved the contract. Vendors are sent notification of the award process and timeline. The award process can take anywhere from five to 60 days from the bid opening date, depending on the complexity of the award.


Please feel free to contact us if you have questions not answered below or if you need copies of other documents. We strive to make information available to help you during the bidding process. 

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