Bid Results / Project Reports
bid results
Bid Results
The City of Pueblo posts submittal information presented at the bid openings within 24 hours of the bid opening date/time.  These results are preliminary and still subject to review by the Director of Purchasing and Evaluation Committee.

Project Project Name Open Date Status
18-011  Rehabilitation of a Portion of Aircraft Parking Apron (Construct Islands)  06/19/2018  Pending Evaluation
18-046  (EDA Project 05-01-05793 Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo Gateway Plaza    07/09/2018  Pending Evaluation
18-047  Environmental Testing, Evaluation and Management  04/20/2018  Pending Evaluation
18-052  Electric Utility Purchase Feasibility Consulting Services  05/15/2018  Pending Evaluation
18-065  2018 Northern Large Main Lining Project  07/18/2018  Pending Evaluation
18-069  Secured Transport Services for Municipal Court Defendants/Prisoners  06/06/2018  Awarded
18-072  Consultant for Pueblo Transit Relocation Study  06/29/2018  Pending Evaluation
18-073  A.D.A. Curb Ramps Phase 2 (CDBG)  06/29/2018  Awarded
18-077 A New Ford F-250 Super Duty Truck for Police Department  07-31/2018  Awarded
18-078  Removal and Replacement of Roofing for Primary Sludge Station  07/27/2018  Pending Award

annual reports
Annual Bid Reports
We feel it's important to make information available to the public. Therefore, we have created reports that show the projects bid each year, the awarded vendors, and the awarded amount.
                                                                                    Awarded Projects - 2015