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Bid Results / Project Reports
bid results
Bid Results
The City of Pueblo posts submittal information presented at the bid openings within 24 hours of the bid opening date/time.  These results are preliminary and still subject to review by the Director of Purchasing and Evaluation Committee.
20-016  FY2020 Small Main Rehabilitation Project 07/07/2020 Pending Evaluation
20-019 2020-2022 Emergency Storm Sewer Point Repair    06/17/2020  Awarded
20-021  RFP Roofing Consulting Services for City Facilities 07/07/2020 Pending Evaluation
20-024  Civil Engineering and Design of Northern Avenue Trail, Phase 3   06/12/2020  Pending  Award
20-031  Design Services for Proposed Aquatic Center Master Plan   05/28/2020 Pending Award
20-039  RFP Part-Time Attorney for Pueblo City Council (Rebid)  06/29/2020 Pending Evaluation

Annual Bid Reports
We feel it's important to make information available to the public. Therefore, we have created reports that show the projects bid each year, the awarded vendors, and the awarded amount.