Civil Service Exams

Purpose of Exams 

All competitive examinations administered by the Civil Service Commission ensure that appointments and promotions in the classified service are made according to merit and fitness. 

Exam Content

The exams are practical and relate to the specific job being advertised.   Human Resources and the hiring department perform a job analysis and provide the Commission with a Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) Checklist.  This document describes the different KSAs a person must have to perform the essential functions of the job and the relative degree of importance of each KSA.  Except for promotional positions that are tested based on specific material, the KSA checklist is made available during the recruitment process.  Click here to view the KSA Checklists currently available.

Exam Format

While there are certain performance exams that may be administered, the Commission must certify and maintain a list of eligible candidates, from which vacancies are filled.  To do this, the Commission relies on “written examinations” that must be scored and ranked. In cases when there are not enough candidates to administer a written exam, the Commission has the discretion to administer a scored exam based on an assessment of a person’s Training and Experience (T&E).

The City of Pueblo now administers computer-based examinations, which allows us to provide faster and more accurate results to our test-takers.   

Exam Location 

Having computer-based exams also gives the City of Pueblo the flexibility to offer the following two options for most test-takers:
  • Remote - This voluntary option is made available for the convenience of test-takers.  At their expense (approximately $22 for a 2-hr exam), candidates have the flexibility to take the exam remotely rather than at our test center.  
    1. Test-Taker FAQ
    2. Computer System Requirements
  • Onsite – Job candidates can choose to take the exam at our test center (free of charge).  Our staff will notify approved candidates of the timeframe when candidates can schedule themselves for the exam and provide appropriate instructions.
Please note that the remote exam option is not currently available to Emergency Services Dispatcher candidates and certain promotional positions.