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It's completely understandable that having to take a polygraph might be cause for apprehension, especially if you don't know what to expect.  This site is meant to give you some basic information regarding the polygraph.

Orientation Guide - Forensic Truth Verification Group

How much time should you allot for the polygraph test?   It depends on where you live...  The polygraph examiners we use are based out of the Denver area; and the polygraph test takes approximately 2 hours.  If you live in the Pueblo area, please take into account potential traffic and plan accordingly.

Map and directions to Forensic Truth Verification Group

What is the next step after the polygraph?  

  • It could take up to a week for the Civil Service Office to receive the results from the polygraph examiner.  One of two things will happen when we receive them:
    • If you pass the polygraph, your results will be forwarded to HR for further evaluation.  Expect to hear back from your HR representative about your results.
    • If you fail, you can expect to be contacted by our office, informing you of said failure.  Please keep in mind that the polygraph is an exam, so failure to pass will result in the removal of your name from the eligibility list.
  • In almost all cases, when you are scheduled for a polygraph, you are also scheduled for a psychological evaluation.  Unless you receive notice from us that you are not moving forward, you should plan on keeping your appointment to the psychological evaluation.

It is imperative that you are responsive and flexible during all phases of the selection process.  That is especially true during this part of the process.  We cannot control the availability of the polygraph examiner, and will have a set number of appointments pre-scheduled.  Unfortunately, being inflexible in the scheduling of your polygraph and psychological evaluations could potentially disqualify you from the position.