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The mission of the City of Pueblo is to serve and protect its citizens through the efficient, cost effective and professional creation and operation of municipal services, functions, and activities.  There is nothing more vital to the success of this mission than to have the right people on board, serving our Pueblo community with passion and commitment.   The Civil Service selection process focuses around attracting, selecting, and hiring quality and effective individuals who can join our team of dedicated public servants. 

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The Civil Service Application and Testing Process

The function of the Civil Service Office is to advertise vacancies, screen applications, and administer examinations.  The ultimate goal of this office is to establish eligibility lists from which the Human Resources Department and the hiring manager(s) can draw from to hire individuals.

  • Online Applications - Our process begins when a position is advertised.  Positions that are open to the public are advertised for around three weeks.  To apply, go to  We will advertise through different venues in the community; however, if you don't want to miss an opportunity, we highly encourage you to sign up for an online interest card.  This will ensure that you get an email (for an entire year) when we advertise for a position that might interest you, which is open to the public.      
  • Application Review - Once applications  are received, the Civil Service Office staff will review applications for completeness and to ensure that applicants meet the minimum qualifications listed on the job description and job posting.  Our staff will communicate with all applicants on the status of the application.  Accepted applicants will be invited to an exam, and rejected applicants will be notified of the reasons for the rejection and their right to appeal the rejection.
  • Examinations - All examinations are different and related to the position that is being advertised.  The competitive nature of these exams allows us establish lists based on the scores test takers get on the exam.  The total ranking is based on the exam score plus veteran preference or seniority points, if any.
  • Eligibility List - Once the exam is graded, all examinees will receive a final notice from the Civil Service Office, informing them of their score and rank (if they passed the exam).  The individuals who pass the exam and are placed on an eligibility list must now wait for the Human Resources Department to contact them regarding an interview for the position. 

The Interview and Offer (Human Resources and the Hiring Manager)

The Human Resources Department and the hiring manager(s) team up to select and hire the best fit for the position(s).  This is an interactive process that involves an interview, conditional job offer, comprehensive background investigation, other job-specific screenings/evaluations, and a formal offer of employment.

  • All hiring must be from a Civil Service list, so when the Human Resources Department and the hiring manager(s) want to hire individuals, they contact the Civil Service Office and request names from the eligibility list.  Please note that Pueblo Municipal Code (Sec. 6-8-6) calls for considering the highest ranking individuals on the lists.  The number of top ranking individuals that can be considered to fill a vacancy vary depending on the position.  Nonetheless, individuals who are not immediately contacted should not lose hope.  We will continue to use the existing list to fill other vacancies that occur during the life of the eligibility list, until said list is depleted or expires.
  • Polygraph Exam
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