Your First ImpressionMany people lose jobs before they get them. That is, they fail to get the job they want because of what they submit or fail to submit on their application. In a competitive job market where employers have to sort through large numbers of applications to find the right fit for the position and the organization, the application form becomes a screening tool and an instrument of first impression that separates the job losers from the job getters.

All online applications are job-specific and they are available only during the recruitment period for a particular position. When you apply for employment through the Civil Service Commission, you are required to complete a separate application for each job opening.

This is a practical how-to guide on properly completing your application with the City of Pueblo and increasing your chances of becoming a job getter. The steps listed here may require time and effort, but the people who get the job are those who take the time to make themselves look like good prospective employees. Your application will improve your chance of getting the job you want.


Before you even apply, make sure that you:

  • Meet the minimum requirements of the position (Civil Service Rule 16(1)). Every job description with the City of Pueblo contains a “Minimum Qualifications” section that describes the minimum level of education, experience, certifications, etc. that are required for the given job. If you do not meet all the requirements, your application will be rejected.
  • Don’t have an unsatisfactory work history (Civil Service Rule 16(10)). It is our practice to automatically reject applicants who have history of disciplinary action more serious than a verbal reprimand (e.g., written reprimand, suspension, demotion, termination, or resignation in lieu of termination),
  • Did not fail an exam in the last 6 months for the job you are applying for (Civil Service Rule 21(a)). No person who failed an exam for any class will be allowed to reapply for that class for a period of six months after the date of the prior examination.
  • Have not been discharged from City of Pueblo classified service for cause or resigned in lieu of discharge (Civil Service Rule 16(8)).
  • Have not been rejected from application or removed from an eligibility list for reasons that still warrant rejection (Civil Service Rules 16(9)(11)).
  • Don’t have significant concerns with your criminal history (Civil Service Rule 10). Your application could be rejected if the Commission finds you unsuitable for appointment because of your history, background or moral character.

To view additional details on the rules listed above and other potential disqualifiers not listed here, please visit our page on Title VI and Civil Service Rules.


The application packet is made up of several elements, and each is essential in its own way. I will address each section separately below.  For now, it should suffice to say that the application provides for a consistent way of evaluating and comparing candidates. A comparison of “apples to apples”, however, is not possible when we are missing information that will enable us to paint a true and full picture of your qualifications, skills and abilities.

Before you click “Submit”, please take the time to review your entire application and verify that you have thoroughly filled in all the blanks, have completely and thoroughly answered all the questions, and have attached all that was requested of you. An incomplete application will disqualify you as an applicant for the position in which you are applying.


The work experience section of the job application gives the City of Pueblo a lot of information about you, which is vital in making an evaluation about your work behaviors and habits. This portion of the application is probably the most important; so, don’t short-change yourself by not filling it out to the best of your abilities. Under no circumstances will your resume be accepted as a substitute for filling out this section. Attach a resume only to supplement the work history shown on the application and then only if it provides additional information. Follow these general guidelines to successfully complete the work experience portion of the application.

  • Account for the last 10 years (20 years for Police Patrol Officer) of your employment history on your application. If you have not worked for the number of years specified, make sure you list all employers from the time you turned 18 years of age or graduated from high school, whichever is later.
  • List all employers from the newest to the oldest.
  • While all parts of this section are important, the Civil Service Commission uses this section of the application to evaluate whether or not you meet the minimum qualifications for the position; so, it is essential that you pay particular attention when describing your employers, the duties you performed and the dates of employment. Your application will be more promptly processed if we can readily identify that you meet the minimum qualifications.
  • It is required that you indicate the reason for leaving EACH of your past employers. You must indicate whether you resigned, terminated, or resigned because you thought you were going to be terminated. If you were terminated, you must tell us the circumstances surrounding that termination.
  • In the Agency-Wide Questions portion of the application, list gaps in employment (i.e. unemployment, school, etc.) of six months or longer, which were not accounted for in the employment section of your application. Indicate dates (from/to) and reasons for these gaps.


A “Professional Reference” is a person who, when contacted by the City of Pueblo or designee, can offer testimony related to your work behaviors and qualifications. It is required that you provide at least 3 professional references as part of your employment application with the City of Pueblo.


The attachments portion of the application serves as a validation tool to verify that you meet some of the most basic requirements. In all cases, we require that you to attach a driver’s license, diploma/transcripts, an authorization for release of information, and any other certificates or licenses which are required according to the job description.

  • Driver’s License / ID – This is required to verify your identity, and if the job you are applying for requires a driver’s license, this attachment verifies that you meet said requirement.
  • Education – All City of Pueblo jobs have an educational requirement. You must submit a verifiable document (high school diploma, transcripts, GED or degree) that shows you meet the educational requirement specified in the job description.
  • Authorization for Release of Information – If you make it through the testing process, the City will perform a background check as part of the condition of employment. This form allows the City to perform said background check.
  • Other – Since every job is different, some positions may require specialized certificates or licenses. Your application will be rejected if we cannot verify that you have these documents.


These sections of the application are used by the Civil Service Commission to further evaluate your qualifications and eligibility for admission into the application process. The information you provide will also be used by Human Resources and the hiring manager to further evaluate your candidacy for the position.

Take your time and be as thorough and honest as possible in answering these questions. Some questions will ask you to verify the information you provided in previous sections of your application. To ensure your application is complete, please revisit those sections and ensure that you are providing all the requested information.

Also, the information you provide here will be verified for accuracy in subsequent steps in the selection process. If we find inconsistencies in the information you provide, your application could be rejected or your name removed from the list of eligible candidates.

Please note that Completion of the questions regarding gender and ethnicity is voluntary and your responses will be kept confidential.  These two questions are asked only to facilitate our compliance with EEO requirements, and the information you provide will assist us in evaluating our recruitment and selection procedures. No EEO information you provide will be used in any way to affect the screening of your application or your rating on the eligible list.


You must submit your application no later 11:59 p.m. of the deadline date. Once the application window closes, your application will not be accepted.  Before you click “Submit”, please make sure that you:

  • Filled in all the blanks, thoroughly answered all the questions, and attached all that’s requested.
  • Submitted the most reliable phone number and email address you have. If repeated attempts at reaching you fail, your name may be rejected from the application process or removed from the eligibility list.
  • Are as honest as possible in disclosing information. You could lose any chance of getting the job if the background check reveals any difference with what you stated on your application.
  • Print a copy of your application and keep it in a safe place for future use. If you are interviewed, review your copy just before the interview so you can recall what you wrote.


The steps required to submit an acceptable application may require time and effort, and the steps that follow after the application will require a similar amount of commitment; but, those who get the jobs are those who take the time to make themselves look like good prospective employees.

Once you click “Submit”, you will receive an email informing you that your application was submitted. You can expect that another email will follow within 2 weeks, letting you know the status of your application. We will email you anytime there is a significant change in the status of your application, so monitor your email to ensure you don’t miss any developments or requests for information. You may also monitor the status of your application by logging into your Government Jobs Account.


According to Civil Service Rule 17, the Civil Service Office must give any applicant who is rejected from admission to an examination written notice specifying the reasons for rejection. Further, this rule gives rejected applicants the right to object the rejection by filing a written appeal to the Civil Service Commission within ten (10) days after the date of the notice. The Commission will review your objection and issue a ruling within ten (10) days after the appeal is filed.  For complete instructions on submitting an objection, click here.

If you have any questions regarding the application process or difficulty in completing your online application, do not hesitate to contact the Civil Service Commission for help.