Temporary / Seasonal Opportunities

Alternative Employment The City of Pueblo offers temporary / seasonal employment opportunities in different departments; however, it is important to note that this is not full-time civil service employment. These positions are strictly limited to 1,300 hours of employment annually. 

The Application Processes

  • Parks and Recreation Department - The Parks and Recreation Department is a major player in temporary / seasonal employment. Because of the volume, this department only accepts applications submitted through our online application process for temporary / seasonal positions. Paper applications are not accepted. Applications are accepted only for current Parks and Recreation openings and only if received prior to a recruitment closing date.
    • Applications must be filled out completely and a signed copy of the Background Check Authorization Form must be attached. Incomplete applications may be rejected. If you have questions concerning the hiring process, please contact the Parks Department directly at 719-553-2790.
  • Other City Departments - The Human Resources Department accepts applications for temporary / seasonal positions for all city departments except the Parks and Recreation Department. To apply for any other temporary / seasonal positions, please contact the Human Resources Department at 719-553-2633 or download a copy of the Temporary / Seasonal Employment Application. This application may not be used for employment with the Parks and Recreation Department or for full-time employment.