Internship Opportunities

How to Get Started

Interested in becoming an intern with the city? Here are 2 ways to get started:

  • If we have an internship opportunity posted - Submit your application online
  • If we have no internship posted - Email your resume to the Human Resources Department and Human Resources will forward your resume to the compatible departments for consideration

Ensuring Success

The Human Resources Department will pass along your expression of interest to the different departments in the city; however, all individuals looking to be considered should consider the following steps to ensure success:

  1. Be timely The process for engaging interns may take time. For the city to classify your experience as an internship, you must be enrolled in a class that will give you college credit to participate in the internship and a placement agreement must be signed by the school, the city, and you. With this in mind, it is to your advantage to begin as early as possible.
  2. Wow and impress Although a department director may welcome interns, engaging an intern may not be something they considered recently. Potential interns, especially those who are soliciting, should seek to impress so that the director will give serious consideration to the opportunity.
  3. Be specific and clear We often get inquiries from students who want “an opportunity that will match my career goals” or provide similar statements of interest that provide very little insight into the type of experience they want out of the internship, making it difficult for Human Resources to forward the inquiry to appropriate departments. Being as specific as possible will eliminate a lot of the guesswork for you and the employer and ensure that your experience is productive and fulfilling.
  4. Follow up - Following up with a phone call or email shows that you are genuinely interested in an internship with us and keeps us on our toes.

The City of Pueblo seeks to offer every opportunity to link classroom learning to workplace experience. For additional information about our internship opportunities, please contact Human Resources at 719-553-2633.