Volunteer / Internship Opportunities

Getting Involved Are you a student looking to get some practical skills in your chosen field of study, fulfilling a course of study requirement, or exploring possible career options? Are you a job seeker in transition and looking to sample a new career path or hoping to enhance your resume and skill sets? Or are you a caring community member who wants to be an agent of positive change in the Pueblo community, to do your civic duty, get involved in community service, and are passionate about helping others? Consider becoming an intern or a volunteer with the City of Pueblo:

  • Internship - An internship is a carefully monitored work or service experience in which a student has intentional learning objectives. Through this experience, the intern has the opportunity to apply knowledge gained through education and given a chance to learn new skills not easily taught in the traditional classroom. For the city to classify your experience as an internship, you must be enrolled in a class which will give you college credit to participate in the internship and a placement agreement has been signed by the school, the city, and you.
  • Volunteer - An individual is considered a volunteer when they offers their time, knowledge, abilities, and skills to a cause they believes in - willingly and without pay. The volunteers we engage are from all walks of life and skill levels. Volunteer opportunities with the city range from filing and data entry to handicap parking enforcement and beautification projects around town.