Roncalli Trail

The Roncalli Trail Project will involve the construction a 3,750-foot bicycle / pedestrian trail along the south side of Northern Avenue between Encino Drive and eastern boundary of Roncalli Middle School. The project is being funded utilizing $55,000 from the Southwest Pueblo Park Escrow Account and Conservation Trust Funds.

The trail, located within the Colorado Department of Transportation's (CDOT) right-of-way of State Highway 78, will be constructed as a 10-foot wide concrete trail and designed to accommodate access for the maintenance of the existing overhead utility lines.

This trail will provide a safe route to Roncalli Middle School and provide "safe route" links between Roncalli Middle School, Pitts Middle School, and Pueblo South High School. Residents from the El Camino, LaVista Hills, Starlite Hills, and Regency Ridge residential neighborhoods will have close access to the reconstructed trail.

The Planning and Public Works Departments have coordinated the design of the trail that is scheduled to be constructed during the summer of 2011.