Additional Resources

For additional help and other information, please click on the associated link. These links will direct you to the respective agencies available resources for data not maintained by the City of Pueblo's GIS Division.

  • Pueblo County Property Search: For additional information records on a given property or parcel within Pueblo, Colorado or Pueblo County use this resource to view property legal descriptions and or associated tax documents.
  • Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment: Use this open data portal to access public Colorado health and environmental data for view and/or download.
  • Colorado’s Official State Web Portal: This website includes online tools, maps, and data available for download pertaining to Colorado river basins and other hydrology features.
  • Colorado Parks & Wildlife Department: Use this GIS data portal to access GIS data resources developed for Colorado managed parks.
  • USDA NRCS Geospatial Data Gateway: This federal resource can be used to download: cadastral, climate, national elevation models, geology, governmental units, hydrography, hydrologic units, soils, orthoimagery, NAIP imagery, and topographic rasters covering the greater Pueblo, Colorado area.
  • USGS National Map Viewer: This federal resource can be used to access historical and current topographic data, boundaries, land cover, elevation models, and national hydrography models as well as other data covering the greater Pueblo, Colorado area.
  • FEMA GIS Data: For disaster information and historical data developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency use this GIS Resource.
  • US Census Bureau: For demographic information for Pueblo, Colorado collected using through the 2000 and 2010 Census and 2006 to 2010 American Communities Survey (ACS) use this U.S. Census Bureau GIS download portal.
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service NWI Mapper: To view and access data wetland data for Pueblo, Colorado and the surrounding area developed through the United States Fish and Wildlife (USFWS) National Wetland Inventory program use this resource.
  • US National Park Service GIS Portal: For GIS data developed by the National Park Service for respective parks and surrounding areas use this resource.
  • BLM Colorado GIS Data: For GIS data on wilderness areas, grazing areas, state land ownership, oil and gas data, mineral data, etc. covering the surrounding area use this GIS resource.
  • US Forest Service GIS Data: For GIS data covering Pueblo, Colorado and Region 2 – Rocky Mountain Region of the US Forest Service use this resource.