Who We Are and What We Do

For many years, the City of Pueblo's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division of the Information Technology Department has been responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of the City’s GIS and remote sensing technologies and spatial referenced relational database management systems (RDBMS). Through the use of GIS and remote sensing we seek to better understand our community through space and time by analyzing and unlocking discrete patterns present in abstract data. We also seek to enhance the decision making process and improve the business operations of the City. Samples of provided services to departments include: 

  • Aerial Photographic Interpretation: The visual and interpretive analysis of aerial photographs and mosaicked imagery for dataset development and temporal change assessment.
  • Custom Database Design and Development: Custom and automated database development for inventory and asset management and system network development.
  • Analytics: Custom analysis designed to seek information for informative business and operations analysis.
  • Digital Data Conversion: Transfer of hard-copy spatially referenced data to digital form.
  • Cartographic Product Development: The artistic design and presentation of spatially referenced information to maps in print and or digital form.
  • GPS and Data Collection: Design and support of data collection projects and programs using traditional units and mobile devices.
  • Internet and Mobile GIS Services: Design and development of custom purpose driven internet and mobile driven GIS maps serving citizens and departments 24-7.
  • Real-Time Consultation Services: Real-time analytical consultation and support provided for departmental programs and special committees for informative decision making.
  1. Eric Clay

     GIS Administrator

    Joy Morauski

    GIS Specialist


    200 S. Main St.
     Pueblo, CO 81003

    GIS Office

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     Monday - Friday
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