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Jun 06

"Fact or Fiction" begins end of June.

Posted on June 6, 2013 at 12:40 PM by DEBRA HILL

CoP LogoFact or Fiction Img 3Setup for Fact or Fiction imgEver get confused about something you might have heard about city business or operations?  Sometimes it’s hard to separate the real from the unreal.  A new program starting this month on Government Access Channel 17 should help clear up a lot of that.  The program is called “Fact or Fiction” and will be hosted by Pueblo City Clerk Gina Dutcher and Legal Department Assistant Judy Parry.  Dutcher has long wanted to do a program that would address misconceptions about city business and   present information in a casual, down-to-earth manner.  The city’s informational 311 phone line rings in and is answered in Dutcher’s office, so she is well aware of the confusion that sometimes pops up with city residents.  Parry, as a longPrep for Fact or Fiction img 2 time employee of the city’s legal division, has also encountered her share of questions from the public.  The two will answers questions on many aspects of city business such as what qualifications are needed to  run for city council,  what’s needed to hold a garage sale, and how your kids can have fun over the summer vacation.  The program should start the last week of June.