Feb 19

Pueblo Fire Stations Offer Safe Haven for Infants

Posted on February 19, 2020 at 8:37 AM by Bobby Cuomo

The story all over the news Wednesday afternoon, December 5, is about a baby girl, about a month or so old, found in a dumpster in Colorado Springs.  The baby was taken to a Springs hospital, and last reports say she is stable and okay.  At this time, no one knows who the mother is, what the circumstances surrounding the incident or much more about the baby.  We do know one thing.  The State of Colorado has the "Safe Haven Law"  This law allows a parent to hand over an infant, up to 72 hours old, to an employee of a fire station or hospital with absolutely no questions asked.  As long as the baby has not been hurt in any way, the parent will face no prosecution and can simply walk away.  This could have been an much worse situation if our weather had not been so warm and the child had gone unnoticed for hours.  If that had happened, we'd be shaking our heads, at the very least, over a very different outcome.  Every one of the fire stations in Pueblo is a safe haven for anyone who feels the need to surrender a child.  All you have to do is give the baby to a fire station employee. In the state, 35 babies have been saved under the "Safe Haven Law".  It's a statute not designed to make any judgments, but to save lives.  For more information, you can go to the website at www.coloradosafehaven.com.

Apr 05

City Council Chooses New Manager

Posted on April 5, 2019 at 8:54 AM by Bobby Cuomo

Congratulations to Sam Azad, the new city manager for the City of Pueblo.  Azad was chosen Monday night by the City Council to step into the top administrative position for our community.  Azad has been with the city since 2010, as Finance Director.  As such, he is fully aware of the constraints and challenges we face in these tight economic times.  Azad says he was "humbled" by Council's decision and promised commitment to "improving prosperity and quality of life" for all people who live in Pueblo.  The City Council also approved a $77 million dollar budget for 2013, a budget that Azad played a major part in developing.  There may be some tough times ahead, but the city is certainly up to them with Azad at the helm.
Apr 04

Join us for 'Day of Service'

Posted on April 4, 2019 at 4:17 PM by Bobby Cuomo

   A lot of us say we would like to do something to give back to our communities, but with the demands of job, kids, family, it is hard to do so.  Do you think, however, you might find just a few hours to do something to help on the Monday after next?  That is the national "Day of Service" and people in communities across the country are asked to pitch in to help make their neighborhoods look better.  Lisa Dugger, Volunteer Coordinator for the City of Pueblo, is concentrating on City Park for this year's event, on January 21.  Volunteers will be asked to meet at 9 a.m. and put in a couple of hours.  Dugger says raking and trash pick up are on the top of the clean up agenda.  Since many leaves from trees have long been swept away, volunteers will be asked to rake up pine needles.  Dugger says that that's an important task because the pine needles can be rough on the grass they fall upon, making it difficult for spring spruce ups.  Unfortunately, City Park also falls victim at times to trash and litter, especially around the duck pond,  and volunteers will be asked to help with that, too.  You can volunteer by going to www.pueblovolunteercenter.org for an application.  Once you are approved, you will be notified.  Volunteers will be provided materials for the Day of Service and lunch will be provided.  For more information, you can contact Dugger at 719-553-3458.  Lisa points out that Martin Luther King, Jr., once said, "Life's most persistent and urgent question is;'What are you doing for others?'  By participating in the 'Day of Service', you'll have at least one answer.
Jun 06

"Fact or Fiction" begins end of June.

Posted on June 6, 2013 at 12:40 PM by DEBRA HILL

CoP LogoFact or Fiction Img 3Setup for Fact or Fiction imgEver get confused about something you might have heard about city business or operations?  Sometimes it’s hard to separate the real from the unreal.  A new program starting this month on Government Access Channel 17 should help clear up a lot of that.  The program is called “Fact or Fiction” and will be hosted by Pueblo City Clerk Gina Dutcher and Legal Department Assistant Judy Parry.  Dutcher has long wanted to do a program that would address misconceptions about city business and   present information in a casual, down-to-earth manner.  The city’s informational 311 phone line rings in and is answered in Dutcher’s office, so she is well aware of the confusion that sometimes pops up with city residents.  Parry, as a longPrep for Fact or Fiction img 2 time employee of the city’s legal division, has also encountered her share of questions from the public.  The two will answers questions on many aspects of city business such as what qualifications are needed to  run for city council,  what’s needed to hold a garage sale, and how your kids can have fun over the summer vacation.  The program should start the last week of June.   

Dec 18

Government Access Channel will go Dark while repairs are made

Posted on December 18, 2012 at 9:18 AM by DEBRA HILL


    The City of Pueblo Government Access Channel will go dark for several hours on Wednesday, December 19, to allow for work on equipment used in broadcasting.   According to a spokesman at Pueblo Community College, which operates Channel 17, as well as Channels 18 and 19, and Pueblo County Government Access Channel 22, electrical work needs to be done on their broadcast servers.  This means that programming will be suspended on all four channels beginning at 12 noon on Wednesday.  Power will be turned off and viewers will see a black screen when they tune in to any of those stations.

PCC estimates that the work will last at least until midnight.   Regular programming is expected to resume early Thursday morning, December 20th.

Dec 06

Keep Holidays Happy For Everyone--Watch What You Put Down the Drain!

Posted on December 6, 2012 at 2:50 PM by DEBRA HILL

    The holiday season means an upswing in the amount of cooking and tasty items coming out of the kitchen.  However, when you're slicing and dicing, stirring and pureeing, the City of Pueblo Wastewater Division would like us all to pay a little extra attention to what we might be putting down the drain.  Gene Michael, Wastewater Division Director, says it's best to take a step back in time when dealing with the fats and gunk that may cook off the holiday meal.  Instead of pouring it down the drain, Michael advises people to go old style, and pour it into an old coffee can or similar container.  Then just toss the can in the trash.  The same goes for the mounds of vegetable peels and parings that can end up in the sink.  It's a good idea, Michael says, to just bundle them up and toss them in the trash.  The biggest problem with pouring grease, fat or oils down the sink or garbage disposal is that it can collect in the underground sewer mains or pipes.  If those mains are blocked, sewage can back up into the systems in our homes.  Although the sewage may not back up into your home, it very well could a few blocks down the street.  Michael has been vigilant in getting the word out, and it seens to have helped.  In 2005, there were 75 sewer main blockages in Pueblo.  So far, as we near the end of 2012, there have been only 9.  Michael reminds people that not only can these blockages be messy, stinky affairs, they can also run into some cash for people.  And we have not even addressed what happens if there are sewer leaks that cause the state health department to step into the picture.  If the state has to come in because of wastewater problems, it could levy some pretty heavy fines or penalties.  And we, as taxpayers, will ultimately end up paying for them.   So while you are celebrating the holiday season, please keep in mind what may be going down the drain.  Certainly not holiday spirit, and we hope, not a lot of garbage either!
Nov 29

Long time Director of Board of Waterworks gets City Street Honor

Posted on November 29, 2012 at 12:48 PM by DEBRA HILL

    Not many of us know anyone who has worked anywhere for, count 'em, fifty years!  One local man, however, could brag about that accomplishment if he wanted to.
    But Alan Hamel is not one to turn a spotlight on his accomplishments, and there are many.  He prefers to let his actions speak louder than words, playing an essential part in many of the projects that made sure Pueblo
residents had all the water they needed for a super quality of life.
    Hamel retired earlier this year from the place he began working 51 years ago, the Pueblo Board of Waterworks.  As with most people, when he started his job, he began on the bottom rungs.  But by the time he retired in 2012, he was leaving as director of the organization.  On Friday, November 30, the Pueblo City Council will be showing Hamel some appreciation for all his work for Pueblo.  A portion of Grand Avenue, between Union and Santa Fe Avenues, will be renamed "Alan Hamel Avenue" in his honor.  It's appropriate that this stretch is contained with the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk Project--a construction that Hamel worked on and is very proud of.
Nov 28

World AIDS Day remembrance on Saturday December 1

Posted on November 28, 2012 at 2:07 PM by DEBRA HILL

        It’s a frightening statistic.  Young people aged between 18 and 24 are make up 26% of new HIV/AIDS infections.   The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that of that percentage, more than half of those infected with the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, don’t even know they have it.  That lack of knowledge that is one of the driving forces in the annual World AIDS Awareness Day.

      The local World AIDS Awareness Day will be held the same day as international ceremonies,              December 1, 2012.  In our area, World AIDS Day will be highlighted by a candlelight vigil beginning at 4:00p.m. at the Rawlings Library Infozone on the building’s 4th floor.  Rawlings Library is located at 100 East Abriendo.

       According to the website, World AIDS Day is the focal point of the World AIDS campaign which is active all year round.    Many people hold events on December 1 to remember those who have died of AIDS- related complications and to pledge support to those living with AIDS or HIV.

     It’s estimated that there are over one million people in the United States living with AIDS.  There have been significant strides made in fighting the disease.  For example, only 1% of babies born to HIV positive mothers have HIV themselves, because of the advancements made in medicine.

     But the virus is still a threat to certain groups in our community including women, people of color, and as mentioned before, young people between 18 and 24.

    Some people think that because Pueblo is not a metropolis that HIV or AIDS is not a concern here, but that’s not true.  The Pueblo Community Health Center offers services for those dealing with the virus or the disease in 17 southeastern Colorado Counties.  Janet Fieldman, Chief Foundation Officer for the Pueblo Community Health Center Foundation, Inc., says the organization currently is helping 147 people in this part of the state.

       Those who work with HIV or AIDS say the best way to combat the spread of the disease is through education.  We may not hear as much about it these days as we did when the epidemic began, but it has not gone away.  More information about the vigil, you can contact Joelle Wiggins at 543-8718 x249 or Avanye Renner at 543-8178 x190.

    The local World AIDS Day remembrance is sponsored by the Community Health Center, Girls Scouts of America, PFLAG, and S-cap.



Nov 15

Public Gets Chance to Meet City Manager Candidates

Posted on November 15, 2012 at 2:13 PM by DEBRA HILL

Friday evening, beginning at 5:45 at the Pueblo Convention Center, residents will be able to meet and greet the three candidates who want to take over the helm of administrative leadership of the community.  They are Sam Azad, Finance Director for the City of Pueblo; James Palenick, Interim Town Manager for the Toen of Dallas, North Carolina; and Frank Ragan, formerly City Manager for the City of McKinney, Texas.  It's been a busy week since the two out of town candidates arrived in town on Tuesday.  There have been meetings with Council and Pueblo Department Heads, structured tours, as well as time for the candidates to take a look around town on their own.  On Friday, all three will be subject to panel interviews starting at 8:15 with government, civic, and business leaders.  That evening, they'll face questions from those who have an equally important stake in how our city grows and progresses, the public.  If you cannot attend the meeting, the videotaped meeting will be broadcast on Government Access Channel 17.  Check our Facebook page after the meeting for the schedule.  "Transparency" is not just a slogan for the City of Pueblo.  We work every day to practice it and the city manager meetings are just a part of it.
Sep 12

City of Pueblo Information Technology - Radio Shop brings Communication Pros to Pueblo

Posted on September 12, 2012 at 12:55 PM by DEBRA HILL

   Kudos to the division known as the "Radio Shop" from the City of Pueblo's Information Technology Department.  This past Friday, September 8, those employees who make up that division hosted their communication compadres from across the state for the monthly meeting.  The radio shop employees are members of the Consolidated Communication Network of Colorado, Inc. Those meetings ordinarily are held in Denver, but once a quarter, the meetings are moved to other Colorado cities.  The last time the group met in Pueblo was in 2010 so it was an honor to have those professionals come in Pueblo.  According to Steven Podszus, Radio Technician II in the city's I.T. Department, about 20 voting members were actually on hand for the meeting with another 25 or so participating through a phone bridge.  The Radio Shop employees may not be known for a lot of chatter going about their jobs, but they are certainly one of the groups that makes sure that important communication is never at a lack in operating and providing city services.