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Apr 30

Full Moon Court Neighborhood Watch Group

Posted to NW - Full Moon Court by Bobby Cuomo

Welcome to the new Full Moon Court Neighborhood Watch Group Blog.

Here, you can communicate with your fellow neighborhood watch group members. This is not viewable to the public or other neighborhood watch blocks.
Apr 05

City Council Chooses New Manager

Posted to PIO Blog by Bobby Cuomo

Congratulations to Sam Azad, the new city manager for the City of Pueblo.  Azad was chosen Monday night by the City Council to step into the top administrative position for our community.  Azad has been with the city since 2010, as Finance Director.  As such, he is fully aware of the constraints and challenges we face in these tight economic times.  Azad says he was "humbled" by Council's decision and promised commitment to "improving prosperity and quality of life" for all people who live in Pueblo.  The City Council also approved a $77 million dollar budget for 2013, a budget that Azad played a major part in developing.  There may be some tough times ahead, but the city is certainly up to them with Azad at the helm.
Jul 30

Officer Update

Posted to PPD Public Blog by Bobby Cuomo

Update from Officer who was shot on New Years morning.

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