PIF Return Instructions

The Public Improvement Fee (PIF) is not a tax. A contractual agreement exists for the City of Pueblo to collect the PIF for the benefit of the North Gateway Number 1 Public Improvement Corporation. The PIF is calculated and imposed on all sales that are subject to the City of Pueblo sales tax at the rate of 0.5%; PIF shall be added to, and becomes a part of, the sales prices of the items sold and therefore is also subject to sales tax. NOTE: ALL PIF FEES MUST BE INCLUDED IN THE GROSS SALES AS REPORTED ON LINE 1 OF THE CITY OF PUEBLO SALES TAX RETURN.

 General Instructions

 REPORTING FORMS: The following PIF Schedules are to be remitted on a monthly basis. The Schedules indicate your business name, PIF account number and the reporting period with the corresponding due date for each reporting period. These forms should be fully completed and must be mailed or delivered to the City of Pueblo Finance Department by the due date.

 PAYMENT: Payment must be received with the PIF Schedule. Payments for the PIF should be made payable to the City of Pueblo and should be mailed to City of Pueblo Finance Department, P.O. Box 1427, Pueblo, CO 81002 or dropped off at the City of Pueblo Finance Department at City Hall, 1 City Hall Place (corner of Union Ave and Grand Ave) between the business hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday though Friday.

 RECORDS: Records used to complete your PIF Schedule must be retained for three years from filing date. Please maintain accurate sales records, including deductions taken from gross sales and your copy of the PIF Schedule.

 Specific Instructions to Complete the PIF Schedule
 Line 1:
Gross Sales and Services: Report all taxable sales and services made during the period covered - this must equal Line 1 of the City of Pueblo sales tax return (including the PIF Fees).
 Line 2:
Less Sales/Services not subject to PIF: Deductible sales/services not subject to PIF - this amount must equal Line 3 of the City of Pueblo sales tax return.
 Line 3:
Net Sales: Line 1 minus Line 2. Total taxable sales - this amount must equal Line 4 of the City of Pueblo sales tax return.
 Line 4:
Net Sales Subject to PIF: Line 3 divided by 1.005. Since the PIF is included in the total taxable sales reported on Line 3 divide Line 3 by 1.005.
 Line 5:
PIF DUE: Line 4 x 0.5%
 Line 6:
Excess PIF Collected.
 Line 7:
Total PIF Due: To calculate the total PIF due, add Lines 5 and 6.
 Line 8:
Adjustments for Prior Periods: Add or deduct any under or overpayment from previous periods.
 Line 9:
Total PIF Due: Add Lines 7 and 8.

Make Checks Payable To: City of Pueblo

Mail Payments To:
 City of Pueblo/Finance Department
 P.O. Box 1427
 Pueblo, CO 81002

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