Downtown Development Implementation Strategy

Design Guidelines

Now that downtown is attracting businesses and in-fill development, it's important to ensure new buildings and additions are appropriate for Pueblo's historic downtown. To assist with keeping Pueblo's prized historic feel, the downtown design guidelines are being developed to encourage vibrant, thriving development while maintaining the character of Pueblo.

The intent of the guidelines is to help property owners, business owners, designers, and developers understand what is unique about downtown and what they can do to help keep the character intact. It is anticipated that the Urban Renewal Authority of Pueblo will utilize the guidelines for selecting projects for URA funding and loans to improve façade and other eligible improvements within the downtown.

New development will occur in the coming years, with or without guidelines, but if these developments occur independently of one another, and without a common understanding of the uniqueness of Pueblo, the result could be a loss of the area's identity, creating instead a downtown that looks like any other medium sized city in America.