Interview Tips

Steps for a Successful Interview

  1. Study / prepare - How much do you know about Pueblo city Government? Why are you interested in this job? How much do you know about the position? How well do you know yourself? Do you remember what you stated in your application? Do your references know that they may be contacted? 
  2. Practice - Have someone ask you mock questions to make sure you are fully prepared.
  3. Make a good first impression - Although our interview panel does not make decisions based on first impressions alone, first impressions count. The assessment begins from the time the interviewer first sees the candidate, even before the interview questions begin. This assessment can be almost as critical for getting the job as what you say during the rest of the interview. Make sure that you arrive early - about 15 minute prior to your scheduled interview. You should also dress professionally and appropriately for the position. If you are uncertain what attire is appropriate, contact the city's employment specialist.
  4. Know what to expect during the interview process - Although the length of an interview may vary, interviews normally last between 30 minutes and an hour. Introductions and greetings will take place first. The interview committee will then question the candidate. Finally, the candidate is given the opportunity to ask questions and provide additional comments at the end of the interview.
  5. Relax - You don't want to invest weeks researching and preparing only to forget what job you applied for (or even your name) during the interview. Preparing for the interview should also include mental readiness. Being relaxed during the interview will ensure that you are able to think clearly and show the interviewers who you really are and what you have to offer the city.
  6. Be an active listener - As a general rule, the interview committee should do most of the questioning during the interview. It is understandable that you may have some questions and if you are unclear about a question that is being posed, please ask for clarification. Otherwise please be patient. You will have the opportunity to ask questions of your own towards the end of the interview session.
  7. Answer questions with confidence, enthusiasm, and courtesy - Be courteous and tactful, making sure to avoid being defensive and negative. Answer questions as clearly and concisely as possible. Do not evade questions; if you are unclear about the question or you don't have a response, be honest and open. Focus on your strengths and maintain eye contact as you answer questions. Do not criticize or belittle your past employers. And make sure you show decisiveness.
  8. Ask appropriate questions about the position and/or the city - By asking questions, you will impress the interviewers because it shows that you are interested in and care enough about the city to do your homework. Do not ask questions that are answered in brochures, the job announcement, or on the city's website. This shows that you did not research the city prior to the interview. And when you ask open-ended questions, you invite more than a yes or no answer.

What Happens Next

After the interview, the interview committee will offer recommendations to the hiring department director. After a decision is made, candidates can expect a response by mail within 3 weeks of the interview. The chosen individual then will receive a conditional offer of employment by phone, pending a background investigation, physical, drug screening, and other required processes required by the city depending on the position. Please review our application / selection process for additional information.