Who is responsible for maintaining my sewer service line?

Homes and businesses are connected to the City’s sanitary sewer system by a pipe called a service line, a service lateral, or a building sewer. The point at which the service line connects to the City’s sewer main is called the sewer tap. Section 16-3-8 of the Pueblo Municipal Code states that the home or business owner owns both the service line and the tap. The home or business owner is solely responsible for the cost of maintenance and repair of the sewer service line and the sewer tap.

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Sec. 16-3-8. Ownership and responsibility.

Owners of properties served by sanitary sewers shall own all of the service lines or building sewers that connect structures on the property to the public sewer, including the tap itself. Property owners shall be responsible for maintaining, repairing or replacing service lines and building sewers at their sole expense.

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