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  1. ADA Transportation Services (Citi-Lift)

    Learn about the CitiLift program.

  2. Boards & Commissions

    View all the Boards and Commissions for the City of Pueblo.

  3. Building Permit

    View building permits.

  4. Business License

    Look up a list of business licenses.

  5. Concealed Carry

  6. Drivers License

  7. Energy Assistance

    Find energy assistance resources.

  8. Jobs - Civil Service

    Scout out civil service employment opportunities.

  9. Jobs - Part-time / Seasonal

    Find part-time and seasonal employment opportunities.

  10. Law Enforcement Academy

    Look up the law enforcement academy

  11. Liquor License

    Obtain a liquor license.

  12. Marriage License

    Review information about marriage licenses.

  13. On-Street Handicap Parking Sign

    Sign Request for On-Street Handicap Parking

  14. Parking Permit

    Peruse information about parking permits.

  15. Pet License

    Inspect information about pet licenses.

  16. Special / Oversize Vehicle Permit

  17. Vehicle / Vessel Licenses

    Take a look at vehicle and vessel licenses.

  18. Yard/Garage Sale Permit

    Search for information about yard and garage sale permits.