Liquor Licensing

The Pueblo Liquor and Beer Licensing Board serves as the licensing authority for the sale of alcohol beverages and 3.2% beer and for the issuance of cabaret licenses. The Licensing Board consists of 5 members appointed to a 4-year term by the City Council.

Licensing Application Process

If you are interested in applying for a liquor and beer license, you can download an application below or stop by the City Clerk’s Office for a paper application. The staff is happy to do a high level overview of the application with you. Once you believe you have completed your application, please make an appointment for review by calling the office at 719-553-2669. 

After your application is accepted, the Liquor Board will determine the distance requirements for petitions and set the date for Public Hearing. This date will run in the newspaper and be posted outside your premises to allow for any interested parties to attend.

Once the petitions have been preliminarily approved, you may come pick them up at the City Clerk’s Office. The petitions will contain a map of the neighborhood of the proposed liquor premise and a list of the neighborhood residents and business owners/managers, from which you will need to gather signatures and favor/oppose/neutral opinions.

When you have completed your petitions, you will turn them into the Clerk’s Office for verification. You will then need to attend the Liquor Board meeting and respond to questions and comments from the Board. If the Board approves, your application will be sent to the State for review and approval.

For more information, please view the following documents: