Council Goals

Current Objectives

Begin to modernize city facilities and infrastructure

  • modernize the police and court buildings
  • improve the condition and quality of city streets
  • upgrade the quality of city parks
  • add more / upgraded fire stations

Create an atmosphere where citizens take pride in Pueblo, our city

  • celebrate our cultural diversity
  • have the City Council present a positive image as leaders
  • become advocates for the interest of the City of Pueblo
  • encourage citizens and businesses contributing to the Pueblo community
  • keep citizens well informed on city issues, policies, and programs

Create strong partnerships within our community and with other governments

  • improve cooperation with the county and school district
  • recognize common goals and direction for the greater Pueblo community
  • better utilize civic and business organizations
  • better understand the relationship between the City of Pueblo and the greater Pueblo community

Establish policies to provide more and better jobs, businesses, and retail - provide a prepared and higher-educated work force; attract more new businesses; retain current businesses; upgrade retail to retain sales tax dollars in Pueblo; add more jobs paying higher and livable wages; add more tourism, making Pueblo a tourist destination

Prepare the city for growth - update and implement plans; development code reflecting community goals and standards; develop infrastructure for future development; create downtown as a regional center for people to live, work, and be entertained; provide plans for infill and new development

Present Pueblo as a place where people prefer to live - make the city a more attractive and beautiful city with quality housing choices; improve the city's reputation; upgrade the quality of neighborhoods; beautify parks, streetscapes, and public areas

Provide citizens value for their tax dollars - provide a financially sound city with adequate reserves; expand the tax base to provide adequate revenues; provide city services in the most efficient and effective manner; encourage a professional and motivated workforce; provide services that are responsive to community needs