Where does the sulfate and selenium come from?

The sources of selenium and sulfate are natural. The geology under the City contains large amounts of selenium and sulfate. This causes high selenium and sulfate concentrations in the groundwater that enter the Pueblo sewer system during precipitation events when the groundwater table is high.

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1. What is a water quality standards variance?
2. Why was discharger specific variance adopted for the City of Pueblo?
3. What water quality standards are covered by the variance for the City of Pueblo?
4. Where does the sulfate and selenium come from?
5. What is the cost of treatment of selenium and sulfate at the treatment plant?
6. What are the requirements of the discharger specific variance to address the selenium and sulfate issue?
7. How long does the City have to complete the requirements for the discharger specific variance?
8. Does the discharge of selenium and sulfate cause harm to the environment?
9. Will the selenium and sulfate cause human health problems?
10. What will the Water Quality Control Commission be reviewing in the hearing in October?