How Can I Help Street Sweepers?

Keeping the roadway in front of your house free from large objects and obstructions is the best way to assist street sweeping crews’ cleanup efforts.

  1. Remove large sticks and branches from the roadway in front of your house. They will clog and jam the sweepers operating system. Sweeper operators must avoid large piles of debris that can hide heavy objects, which can damage the sweeper.
  2. Properly trim your trees and shrubs so the sweeper can clean next to the curb. Trees should be trimmed twelve feet above the street and gutter to avoid damaging sweeping equipment.
  3. Remove grass or weeds that grow in the gutter. This will reduce debris in front of your house and will improve water runoff during rainstorms.
  4. Drivers and cyclists Should keep a safe distance between themselves and the sweeper at all times. Try to avoid maneuvering around the sweepers. Drivers should give street sweepers plenty of room and only pass when safe to do so.
  5. Always keep children and pets a safe distance from the sweepers. Do not ride, run or play near the sweepers.  

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1. How Can I Help Street Sweepers?
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