Is there a charge for false alarms?
There are civil penalties associated with a police response to burglar alarms that are determined to be false. The penalty schedule is:
• 1st False Alarm: No charge
•2nd False Alarm: $50
•3rd False Alarm: $100
•4th False Alarm: $150
•5th False Alarm: $200
•6th and All Subsequent Alarms: $400
•Response to nonresidential false Robbery Alarm: $200 each

After the 5th false alarm from any alarm site within any calendar year, the Police Department shall have the discretion to suspend police response. Should the Police Department, in it's sole discretion, choose to respond to a subsequent alarm condition at an alarm site that has had five or more false alarms within any permit year and determine that the subsequent alarm condition was false, the alarm user shall be assessed a civil penalty of four hundred dollars ($400).

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1. Is there a charge for false alarms?
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