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Transportation Planning

Division Responsibilities

The Urban Transportation Planning Division's (UTPD) primary function is to manage the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) through a delegation agreement between the City of Pueblo and the Pueblo Area Council of Governments (PACOG).

The UTPD provides and coordinates the preparation of both short-term and long-term transportation planning all of Pueblo county. In compliance with the Urban Planning Work Program approved by PACOG, the UTPD / MPO completes work regarding all transportation efforts.

2045 LRTP Public Involvement Plan 

2045 LRTP Goals, Performance Measures and Targets

2023-2027 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)


 Appendix A-Public Involvement 

About the PACOG

The PACOG is an intergovernmental entity consisting of the following member organizations:


The 16 voting members of PACOG consist of the seven City Council members, three county commissioners, and one member each from the Water Board, both school boards, the two metropolitan districts, and the Salt Creek Sanitation District. The co-executive directors of PACOG are the Mayor and county attorney. The director of the Pueblo County Department of Planning and Development serves as PACOG's manager. For more information, go to