Ordinance No. SRUE-001, approved on December 5, 2022, temporarily suspended the collection of street repair utility charges through the end of 2023. Unless the suspension is extended by a future ordinance, the collection of fees will resume in January 2024 as per the fee schedule below.

On August 26, 2019 Pueblo City Council approved a change to the current Street Repair Utility Enterprise Fee structure. This ordinance increases the Residential Unit fee by $1.00, and adds a new category for Retail and Restaurants/Drinking Establishments that report less than $100,000 in Net Taxable Remittances to the City of Pueblo Sales Tax Division.

Effective October 1, 2019, the Street Repair Utility Enterprise fee structure will be as follows:

 Category Monthly Service Charge
Residential (Per Dwelling Unit)$ 3.00
Small Service Business$ 10.00
Retail, Restaurants and Drinking Establishments ˂ $100,000 in Net Taxable Remittances.
(Must apply for consideration. See below.)
$ 25.00
Small Retail, Restaurants and Drinking Establishments, Small Institutional and Small Industrial (< or = 1 acre)$ 50.00 
Large Retail, Large Institutional, Large Industrial and Large Service Business (>1 acre)$100.00

  • Residential multi-unit properties with one water bill will see a $3.00 charge per unit.
  • Accounts with multiple businesses will see a charge per business based on its category, and when applicable, each residential unit on that property will also be charged.
    • Example: One meter serving 1 Small Retail Business, 2 Small Service Businesses, and 3 Residential units will see a charge of $79.00.

Note: Only applies to properties within the City Limits

Customer Groupings and Classifications

Retail Business: Businesses that primarily sell a product.

Restaurant: Businesses that primarily sell food and beverages.

Institutional: Schools, religious, daycare, government and other similar organizations.

Industrial: Manufacturing, warehouses, communications, utilities, construction and other similar organizations.

Services: Businesses that primarily provide a service (not a product).


At the General Municipal Election held on November 7, 2017, the voters of the City of Pueblo passed Ballot Question 2C by a margin of 58% to 42% to establish a Street Repair Utility Enterprise. The funds raised by this fee will be used for the maintenance and repair of the City’s roadway system.

CALL – City of Pueblo Street Repair Utility 719-553-2299