On October 9, 2018 City Council approved the following fee structure for all properties within the City limits. Beginning February 1, 2019, there will be an additional line item on your monthly water bill issued by the Board of Water Works for the Street Repair Utility Fee. This fee will apply to every residential unit and business as described in the table below.

 Category  Monthly Service Charge
 Residential (Per Dwelling Unit)
$  2.00
 Small Service Business $ 10.00
 Restaurant, Small Retail, Small Institutional and Small Industrial $ 50.00 
 Large Retail, Large Institutional, Large Industrial and Large Service Business $100.00
 The property parcel is used to determine the size. Small is 1 acre or less, Large is over 1 acre.

  • Residential multi-unit properties with one water bill will see a $2.00 charge per unit.
  • Accounts with multiple businesses will see a charge per business based on its category, and when applicable, each residential unit on that property will also be charged.
    • Example: One meter serving 1 Small Retail Business, 2 Small Service Businesses, and 3 Residential units will see a charge of $76.00.
Note: Only applies to properties within the City Limits

Customer Groupings and Classifications

Retail Business: Businesses that primarily sell a product.

Restaurant: Businesses that primarily sell food and beverages.

Institutional: Schools, religious, daycare, government and other similar organizations.

Industrial: Manufacturing, warehouses, communications, utilities, construction and other similar organizations.

Services: Businesses that primarily provide a service (not a product).


At the General Municipal Election held on November 7, 2017, the voters of the City of Pueblo passed Ballot Question 2C by a margin of 58% to 42% to establish a Street Repair Utility Enterprise. The funds raised by this fee will be used for the maintenance and repair of the City’s roadway system.

CALL – City of Pueblo Street Repair Utility 719-553-2299