The Purchasing Department is the central buying agency for the City of Pueblo and is responsible for the procurement of goods and services in accordance with the City Charter and the city's purchasing policies and procedures.

Mission Statement
The Purchasing Department exists to provide city departments and outside agencies with a central location for purchasing goods, equipment, and services while encouraging an atmosphere of fairness, honesty, and integrity in dealing with customers, suppliers, and staff. Our main goal is to provide excellent customer care, general problem solving services for our customers, competitive pricing, reputable sources, and to spend the city's taxpayer money wisely so that maximum value is obtained for its limited financial resources.

Doing Business with the City of Pueblo
If you're interested in doing business with the City of Pueblo, please check out our Vendor Guide (PDF).

Current Projects
The City of Pueblo Purchasing Department is currently engaged in a number of projects. You can review them under Current Projects.