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City Park Dog Park wins
Colorado Lottery's Starburst Award again!
The City has a long history of projects receiving the Colorado Lottery Starburst Award dating back to 1996:

  • 2015 - City Park Dog Park
  • 2012 - City Park Shelters & Kiddie Ride Shade Structure Enhancement Project
  • 2011 - Pueblo Ice Arena
  • 2010 - Lake Minnequa Park and Open Space Project Phase I
  • 2009 - Pueblo Ice Arena
  • 2008 - City Park Dog Park
  • 2006 - Bessemer Park Pool Bathhouse Replacement Project
  • 2005 - Pueblo Blvd Bike Trail Replacement
  • 2004 - Mineral Palace Park Playground Replacement
  • 2003 - City Park Playground Replacement
  • 2002 - Langoni Sports Complex Restrooms
  • 2001 - City Park’s Historic Carousel Ticket Office
  • 2000 - Sgt Blake Harris Skate Park
  • 1999 - City Park Disc Golf Course
  • 1998 - City Park Tennis Complex Renovation
  • 1996 - City Park Train Track Extension

Pueblo Parks and Recreation - City Park Dog Park
Pueblo Parks and Recreation - City Park Dog Park
City to Construct New Bath House
at City Park Pool  

 After 57 years, City Park pool visitors will have a new and modern bath house! We want your opinion on the design of the City Park pool bath house! Give us 20 seconds of your time, follow the link below and let us know what you think!

Two architect renderings of the proposed bath house follow:
Architect Rendering - City Park Pool
Architect Rendering - City Park Pool
2015 City Park Proposed New Bath House
Fountain River Trail Closure
Due to the recent torrential rains and the extremely high water levels of the Fountain Creek, areas of the trails that run along the creek have been washed out and have been covered with three to four inches of mud. The trail will be closed until further notice from the trail head on East Highway 50 Bypass to Runyon Lake.
Pueblo Parks and Recreation - Trail Detour 05-19-15
2015 Pueblo Parks and Recreation