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City Park


  1. Amusement Park Rides
  2. Arboretum
  3. Baseball / Softball
  4. Baseball Field
  5. Bike Trail
  6. Bocce Ball Courts
  7. Disc Golf
  8. Drinking Fountains
  9. Electrical Outlets
  10. Fishing
  11. Gazebos / Shelters
  12. Grill
  13. Horseshoes
  14. Pavilion
  15. Picnic Areas
  16. Playground
  17. Restrooms
  18. Swimming Pool / Water Park
  19. Tennis
  20. Tennis Courts
  21. Trail access
  22. Wheel Park
  23. Zoo
Additional Park Amenities
City Park is situated on 157 acres of land. Additional park amenities include:

  • Lots of room for family picnics and large community events
  • Sgt. Blake A. Harris Skate Board Park
  • Trail head to the Arkansas River Trail System


Park History
 Pueblo's City Park is a remarkable asset for such a small city as Pueblo. It was established in 1904. The land was purchased from Charles Dittmer and his partners in 1903.

 Many of the existing structures were built in the 1930s by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and are outstanding examples of the rustic style of architecture made famous by the National Park Service's autocratic architect, Professor Meier, who was based in Denver. His work was influenced by earlier architects who were active in Pueblo and the San Isabel National Forest. This architectural style, which used large blocks of native stone and wood, is found throughout the United States at places like Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks.

 Pueblo was one of the first places where rustic architectural style was employed and the City today boasts many examples: Pueblo City Park and the Pueblo Zoo, Mineral Palace Park, Pueblo Mountain Park, the Colorado State Fairgrounds, and Elmwood Golf Course.

For additional park history, please read George Williams' The History of Pueblo City Park or a history of the City Park Pavilion.

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  1. Caboose Picnic Area

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