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Alarm Registration

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  4. Complete all application items. Complete a separate application for each address to be permitted. Registration is MANDATORY but at no charge.
  5. Alarm Location
  6. Mailing Address
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  8. Contact Names
  9. Additional Information
  10. Audible
  11. Alarm Companies
  12. Not Monitored
  13. I understand that, in accordance with City Ordinance Title 7 Sec. 9-13 Alarm-Code, applicant is financially responsible for all charges and penalties specific in this section. Annual Alarm Site registration is MANDATORY on or before January 15 of each year!
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  15. By typing your name, you agree with, and will comply with the above statement.

  16. NOTE: If information provided in application changes, you MUST notify City of Pueblo within fifteen (15) working days at:
    200 S. MAIN STREET
    PUEBLO, CO 81003
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