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Website Accessibility Feedback Form

  1. Accessibility Statement

    At the City of Pueblo, our mission is to ensure equal access to our programs, services, and activities for all individuals. We recognize that our website serves as a vital communication channel for the citizens of Pueblo and beyond. We are committed to inclusivity and actively accommodate citizens with disabilities who utilize assistive technologies such as screen readers and other software tools.

    The City is continually reviewing the website and implementing the necessary guidelines to make our content inclusive to all. We value your input and welcome feedback regarding any challenges you may encounter while using our website.We have a large catalog of documents on our website that may not have been made ADA accessible. If you have need of a document we may not have completed the ADA accessibility work on yet, please provide the name of the document in the description section, and we will make sure to complete the work and provide it to you.

    To connect with us, please complete the accessibility feedback form, and we will respond promptly within a few days. 

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