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The Rides at City Park

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25¢ tickets

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  1. Amusement Park Rides
  2. Caboose Rentals
  3. Corporate and Private Party Rentals
  4. George R. Williams' Memorial Carousel
  5. Historic City Park miniature train
  6. Party Pavilion Rentals
  7. School Field Trips
  8. Special themed events

The Rides at City Park is a place where families can make unforgettable memories and a quarter is still worth 25¢! The rides include 10 amusement park rides and two bounces to serve for entertainment. The train, carousel and adults require two tickets. The rest of the rides can be enjoyed for one ticket per child. Tickets are 25¢ each! In addition to the Caboose and Party Pavilion rentals accessible for school field trips, corporate, birthday and private parties, the rides also offers history!  Since 1955, The Rides at City Park have remained a safe and affordable facility for children and families.

To learn more about the historic, George R. Williams' Memorial Carousel and historic City Park Train, visit

Visit to make your reservations. All reservations must be made a minimum of two weeks in advance of rental date. Access to the ride area and ticket redemption for all rentals, except for corporate and private party rentals, are during regular season dates and hours only. Inclement weather, such as lightning, for any rentals within the premises of The Rides at City Park may require evacuation of ALL patrons. No smoking, alcohol or pets allowed on the premises of The Rides at City Park.