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City Park Tennis Courts

Subfacility of City Park

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In 1935, there was a request from the surrounding community to add recreation elements to the park. The recreation area was built as a complex in the southeast corner of City Park. It contained a multipurpose building or bathhouse with concession stand, wading pool, ball field with grandstands, an announcer’s tower, three tennis courts, horseshoe courts and shuffle board courts. Construction began on the complex in 1938 and was built by Work Progress Administration (WPA) workers who used the same sandstone rock as other projects throughout the park. In the late 1950s, the city reconfigured the recreation area in City Park due to the popularity of baseball and tennis. The old wading pool and ball field were removed from the southeast corner and relocated to the southwest side of the park. There two ball fields and a larger swimming pool were built. By the 1960s the tennis facilities were expanded from four tennis courts to eight courts. In 1970s, the tennis courts were expanded because of the tennis boom throughout the country. Nine additional courts were constructed to complete the complex for a total of seventeen courts.

Tennis Lessons

Pee Wee (Ages 4–6)

Pee Wee introduces children 4–6-years old to the game of tennis in an exciting and rewarding way. By tailoring the equipment and the size of the playing court, the Pee Wee program helps create a proper foundation on which children may continue to build and develop their interests in the sport.

Future Stars (Ages 7–10)

Future Stars is for children ages 7 to 10 years old who have limited tennis experience. This beginner class offers upper elementary aged players a great place to start or brush up on the basics. Students will improve hand-eye coordination and agility, perform racket handling skills and become more familiar with the tennis court. Instruction focus on cultivating a love of the game through basic strokes and fun games associated with tennis.

Aces (Ages 11–18)

Aces is for the teenager who has limited tennis experience. Students will be taught all the basic strokes along with fitness and movement skills. Students will also learn the rules of tennis, tennis etiquette and how to keep score.

Teen and Adult Combo (Ages 13 years and older)

This is a combined class that is fast paced and is a great way to exercise while playing tennis. Instructors will help perfect your strokes in a fun and encouraging way. Instructors design games that help develop strategy as well as have fun.

Advanced Tennis Practice (Ages 8 years and older)

This is an advanced class that is prepping students for competition and high school level play. The prerequisites for this class are: to rally mini tennis, serve and must able to keep score.

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