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Posted on: November 9, 2022

Board of Elections to Host Public Hearing for Redistricting within City of Pueblo

PUEBLO—The Board of Elections will host a public hearing and accept public comments on proposed redistricting on Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 1 p.m. The meeting will be held in Pueblo City Council Chambers.

A proposed redistricting for the City of Pueblo has been reviewed by the Election Board and now the public is invited to share their opinion before a final decision is made. The City Charter requires redistricting every four years to ensure the population in the four districts that comprise the city have even distribution of the populations.

“I would like to complement the [City of Pueblo] staff because this is very tedious work, it’s important work, it needs to be done, and the staff needs to be complemented on it,” said member of the Election Board Committee Alvin Rivera. “I think it’s a good plan for the public to comment on.”

According to the 2020 Census data, the ideal population within each district is 27,963 with a 2% standard deviation. The current district map can be found online to view prior to the Nov. 15 public meeting.

Currently District 1, located on the northwest side of Pueblo, has a population of 29,646 with a 6% standard deviation. This put District 1 at 1,600 above the ideal population with the current precinct distribution. District 2, located on the northeast side of Pueblo, currently has a population of 26,670 with a standard deviation of -4.6%. This puts District 2 at 1,293 below the ideal population, which verifies the need for redistricting at this time.

The proposals for the public to consider at the Election Board meeting includes one proposal, named “Proposal 1” which moves Precinct 9 from District 1 to be included in District 2. The other proposal named “Proposal 2” would move Precinct 10 from District 1 to be included in District 2, and Precinct 6 from District 2 to be included in District 1. The public will be able to review the current district map with the two proposals in order to give their public comment to the Election Board for consideration.

The Election Board completed this redistricting process in 2021, however the Census data from the U.S. Government was delayed and no changes were made. The updated census data have been released and now the Election Board is moving forward with new redistricting proposals to ensure the districts are fairly and evenly distributed for the upcoming fall 2023 election. There were no district election questions on the ballot for the 2022 election, only county-wide issues, therefore the redistricting could take place after the 2022 election.

The last time districts changed was in 2017, which moved Precinct 9 from District 2 to District 1 and Precinct 34 from District 1 to District 2.

For more information about the Election Board or the upcoming public meeting, contact the City of Pueblo City Clerk’s Office at 719-553-2669. Comments regarding the redistricting process may be submitted in person at the Pueblo City Clerk’s Officer or via email at if an individual is unable to attend the meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 15

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