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Mar 27

Shots Fired Recovered MVT 1134 Pine 23-004635

Posted on March 27, 2023 at 8:11 AM by Kai Moore

On 3-12-23 Comm. Center received several calls of shots being fired in the 1100 blk of Pine. No units were available to respond until approximately 2024 hrs. Officer Hockaday and Cardona arrived on scene first and observed two males run from a parked Hyundai with Oklahoma plate (FSA514) in front of 1134 Pine. They ran toward the side of 1134 and it was believed they went inside but exited out a rear window. Due to the availability of officers a perimeter wasn’t able to be established in time to contact possible parties on foot in the area. Both males were described as white or Hispanic and the driver appeared to be tall and slender wearing a light-colored shirt or hoody.

It was learned the plate on the Hyundai had just been stolen and the car had also come back stolen upon clearing the VIN. Purple in color chalk graffiti was also present on the dash of the car that read “Sur” , “551” and “Gulipsy.”

A neighborhood canvas was conducted and video of the incident with the initial shots fired were recovered. It appears several people were coming and going from 1134 Pine. Tow males were out front and one of them was working on a car (Mercedes). A gold in color Cadillac passes a couple of times with loud music. The male who wasn’t working on the car begins to shoot down the street toward what is believed to be the Cadillac. The male is seen running back toward either 1132 or 1134 Pine and the video ends. Seven 9mm shell casings and a projectile were recovered on scene.

In early January 1134 Pine (23-00842) was under the ownership of housing and multiple people were contacted with active warrants. Owner information couldn’t be located this evening by attempts from dispatch. According to the County Assessor page nothing populated either for owner information at 1132 or 1134 Pine. No one answered at either address.

A few weeks back 1134 Pine was believed to be the residence of a potential kidnapping that occurred or started from (23-004006) but negative contact was made there also. Neighbors indicated there is a lot of traffic coming and going at all hours of the day and night from 1134 but didn’t know names of the individuals residing there.

Please keep 1134 as well as 1132 Pine in mind for further hot spot criminal activity.


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