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Dec 24

Officers show good will to victim

Posted on December 24, 2012 at 11:21 AM by ERIC GONZALES

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On December 15th, Ms. Baxter was a victim of a robbery as she was walking to her job at the Pueblo Mall.  Baxter, who just recently moved to Pueblo, lost valuable papers, an Ipod and a Kindle Fire when her purse was ripped out of her hands.  The incident left her paranoid and doubting that she moved to the right city.

Patrol officers who assisted her after her ordeal made arrangements with Sears and located a new Kindle Fire for Baxter.  The afternoon watch officers took up donations amongst themselves, along with Sears, and presented Baxter with a $200 gift card to purchase the item. 

Baxter was visibly grateful and speechless.  She stated that though she was still paranoid about Pueblo, this helped her change her perception of the community and police officers.


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