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Planning & Zoning Work Session 

Wednesday, April 27, 2022, 3:30 p.m.  

City Council Chambers, 1 City Hall Place



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Meeting ID: 790 774 9677

Passcode: 25436


I.         Approval of Agenda 



 II.     May 11, 2022 Case Review:

Agenda #

Case #

Case Information



Vacation: Villa Bella Filing No. 1, Street and Easement Vacation of a portion of Napoli Way, all of CBI Drive, and drainage/utility easements-Staff Report by Beritt Odom, Principal Planner Continued from April 13, 2022 Hearing.



Subdivision: Villa Bella Filing No. 2, Subdivision of 48.240 acres into 375 single-family residential lots. Generally located south of Rawlings Blvd., west of Bergamo Drive, and east of Thunderwolf Drive. -Staff Report by Beritt Odom, Principal Planner Continued from April 13, 2022 Hearing



PUD Site Plan Review: 2601 Crawford St., Crawford Townhomes Site plan review of approximately 12 multifamily residential structures and associated improvements.



Rezone: Keating School Rezoning approximately 3.33 acres located at 215 E. Orman Avenue (Lots 1-13 and Lots 17-32 of Block 131 in Colorado Coal and Iron Company’s Addition No. 1,) currently zoned S-1, (Governmental Zone District) being rezoned to R-5 (Multiple Residential and Office District). Staff Report by Wade Broadhead, Sr. Planner



Vacation:  Wiley and Chamberlin’s Subdivision, Alley Vacation of 16 feet in Block 362, located at 904 S Ogden Ave. Staff Report by Wade Broadhead, Sr. Planner



Subdivision: North Vista Fil NO 5 Subdivision of 55.954 acres into two multifamily residential lots, 30 single-family attached lots, 111 single family residential lots and multiple parcels for utilities, drainage, trails, parks, and drainage. Generally located at north of Vision Hills Parkway and west of Walking Stick Blvd. staff report by Beritt Odom



University Park Subdivision 33RD Filing: Subdivision of approximately 2.29 acres into single lot facilitating commercial development. Generally located north of US HWY 47 and east of Jerry Murphy Rd. Staff Report by Bart Mikitowicz, Planner



Rezone: Wildhorse: approximately 179.38 acres generally located north of West U.S. Hwy 50 and North Pueblo Blvd. from Pueblo County A-1 and A-3 to City A-1, for not more than a 10-year period.  Staff report by Beritt Odom




III.   Proposed Text Amendments:

  1. Amend Section 17-4-7,(b),(2), b., to remove the requirement that all non-single family residential additions of more than 1,000 square feet require full landscape improvements.


                2. Mayor Gradisar’s Text Amendment Priorities.


IV.   TAC Update


 V.    Adjourn