Pueblo Police AVCF Pentathlon

The 17th annual AVCF Pentathlon is scheduled for Saturday, September 10, 2011. Pentathlon teams consist of 5 person teams with each member competing in 2 events.

Scheduled events are:

  • Obstacle Course - will test stamina and agility of participants. Two participants from each team must work together in order to negotiate a series of challenging obstacles. Both competitors start at the same time, and time ends when both competitors have crossed the finish line. Participants will be allowed 3 attempts at each obstacle in this event. Failure to complete the obstacle in 3 attempts will result in a 2 minute penalty being added to the final time. A time limit may be placed on this event.
  • 1.5 Mile Run - two participants will run this distance over varied surfaces including dirt, gravel, asphalt and sand. Scoring is based on the combined time of both runners.
  • Tire House Paintball Competition - this event is conducted in tournament fashion, with two teams of two athletes in direct opposition to each other. The object of the event is to seek out your opponent and eliminate the other team with your paintball weapon, which AVCF will provide. Event will be concurrent to the Bench Press competition.
  • Bench Press - to test your upper body strength: Prior to this competition, each participant will be weighed on a medical quality scale. An Olympic type weight bar will then be loaded with a weight equivalent to the competitor's body weight at a rate of 100% for male entrants and 60% for female entrants rounded to the nearest 5 pounds. Participants will bench press their weight for as many repetitions as possible. The competition ends when the participant quits or is adjudged by the official to be incapable of continuing. No bench press or long sleeve shirts will be allowed. Event will run concurrent with the Tire House Paintball Competition.
  • Duty Pistol - this is a 45 second timed event using various sized targets with specific point values. Teammates will fire at the same time to obtain a team aggregate score. Teams will be required to supply their own weapons, ammo, hearing and eye protection. Weapons must be DOC weapons, no personal weapons are allowed.

The cost of the event will be $45. Registration fee after August 26, 2011 is $60. Teams must register prior to the event. In order to plan for the event logistics as accurately as possible, we request that prospective teams return their registration forms by August 26, 2011. Due to the budget constraints meals will not be provided for participants and officials free of cost as they have been in the years past. However, there will be plenty of food for sale, T-shirts, giveaways, fun for the kids and most important, raising money for Special Olympics.

Please contact the following for more information:

  • Officer Steve Vigil, 267-5032 Email
  • Julie Stovall, 267-5013 Email
  • Tiffani Holubek, 267-3520, ext. 3200 Email