Airport Diagram

Pueblo Airport

Airport Diagram
Runway Dimensions
View a diagram of the Pueblo Memorial Airport and view the following detailed information about the airport's runway system from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA):
  • Runway 8R-26L is the primary runway and is 10,496 feet long by 150 feet wide. Runway 8R-26L is designed to accommodate aircraft weighing up to 75,000 pounds with a single main landing gear configuration (SWG); 170,000 pounds for aircraft with dual-wheeled main landing gear (DWG); and 250,000 pounds for aircraft with dual-tandem main landing gear (DTW). The runway was resurfaced in 2010.
    • The runway is equipped with high intensity runway lights (HIRL) and includes a medium intensity approach lighting system with runway alignment indicators (MALSR)
    • Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) to both runway ends.
  • Runway 17-35 is the crosswind runway and is 8,308 feet long and 150 feet wide. Runway 17-35 is designed to accommodate aircraft weighing up to 93,000 pounds SWG, 110,000 pounds DWG, and 170,000 pounds DTW. The runway is a non-precision instrument runway (GPS approaches) and is equipped with medium intensity runway lights (MIRL), REIL's, and PAPI's.
  • Runway 8L-26R is 5,000 feet long by 75 feet wide. Runway 8L-26R is designed for aircraft weighing up to 30,000 pounds SWG. The runway has medium intensity lighting and it is available for day or night vmc use.