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Business Licenses


Anyone conducting any type of business or making deliveries within the city limits of Pueblo is required to obtain a business license. There is a base fee of $50 for a business license. Depending on the type of business being conducted, there may be additional fees and requirements involved.

Please refer to Title 9, Section 9-1-2 and Title 14, Section 14-4-81 of City of Pueblo Ordinances for additional information.

Types of Business Licenses

There are 2 basic types of business licenses: a Sales / Use Tax License and a Use Tax License. A Sales / Use Tax License is for businesses that sell and possibly also provide a service. A Use Tax License is for service-type businesses only (i.e., contractors, doctors, attorneys, lawn service, accountants, and other similar businesses).

Note: To set up as a temporary street vendor, you will still need to obtain a Sales / Use Tax License along with your Temporary Use Permit.

Contact Us

Please contact the Sales Tax Division at 719-553-2659 if you have further questions concerning business licensing.