Stormwater Education

Caring for Our Water System
Simple household activities can have a negative impact on Colorado's water quality such as:
  • Improperly disposing of motor oil
  • Leaving pet waste on the ground
  • Overusing lawn and garden products
Rain, snow melt, and over watering move these household-generated pollutants to rivers, lakes, and streams and this polluted runoff can have a major impact on water quality. While activities in and around our individual homes may contribute only small amounts of pollutants, they all add up to larger pollution problems in our watersheds. 

Education & Outreach Programs

  • The City Stormwater Utility aims to educate the general public on important issues with an information booth at the annual
    Colorado State Fair Expo, special events at local schools, and an annual education seminar offered to the engineering and construction sector. The Environmental Coordinator Program at the Pueblo City-County Health Department delivers one hour presentations to area K-12th grade school classrooms on surface water pollution prevention. The presentation for groups of 25 or less includes a short video, an interactive tabletop model demonstration and handouts.
    For information and scheduling, call the Health Dept. (719) 583-4309 or email.
  • The City of Pueblo along with the City of Canon City, Pueblo County, Pueblo West and the City/County Health department coordinate each year offering a Stormwater Regional Educational Seminar.  This course offers several different discussions concerning Best Management Practices, Engineering design and details, along with other concerns of the Stormwater Community.  It is aimed at providing education to Engineers, Utility Companies, Contractors and builders within the Fountain Creek water shed and Arkansas Valley River Basin. 
    For more information call the Stormwater inspector at (719) 553-2291 or email.