Pueblo Fire Department

Over-sized Vehicle Permits

Permit Requirements

The following measurements define the maximum size allowable before an oversize permit is required:

  • Combination of vehicles coupled together: 70 feet (Note that combination of vehicles shall not consist of more than 4 units)
  • Maximum gross weight of vehicles and loads: Refer to Colorado Revised Statute (CRS) 42-4-508 - Gross weight of vehicles and loads
  • Maximum height: 13 feet (from ground to top of load)
  • Maximum length (single vehicle): 45 feet (Inclusive of front and rear bumpers)
  • Maximum width: 8 feet 6 inches
  • Maximum weight on any 1 axle: Refer to CRS 42-4-507 - Colorado Axle Weight Limits

 The City Traffic Engineer and the Police Department must approve Oversize Permit applications. Overweight vehicles also require the approval of the Director of Public Works and Fire Department.  

 Applications may be picked up at the Department of Transportation office.

350 Alan Hamel Ave
Pueblo, CO 81003


For more information contact the Department of Transportation at 719-553-2722. 


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