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Code Enforcement - Zoning Information
city of pueblo code enforcement unit

Zoning Violations

Zoning violations can involve a wide variety of situations. These may include:
  • Commercial landscaping and parking requirements
  • Home occupancy
  • Junk / salvage storage
  • Nonconforming uses
  • Outdoor lighting standards
  • Parking / storage of many types of vehicles
  • Placement of buildings, structures, and accessory structures
  • Residential businesses / uses of land and buildings in all districts
  • RV storage / used for living
  • Signs / temporary signs / off premise signs / number of signs at a location
  • Special use permit conditions
  • Types of accessory structures

The Violation Process

  1. A Notice of Violation and Order to Correct is issued and must be served by certified mail or personal service. The order tells the recipient what must be done to correct the violation. There is a timeline specified but according to city ordinance, there is a right to appeal any order (see Citizen's Complaints for additional information). Appeals must be filed within 30 days of receipt of an order. Orders are sent to property owners and tenants alike. For orders regarding commercial properties, both the business and the corporate office get certified mailings.
  2. If the violation is not corrected within the 30 days and no appeal has been filed, a summons to Pueblo Municipal Court is issued where fines may be imposed. If an appeal is filed, a hearing is held through the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) in which it is determined if the order was lawful or should be overturned. (There is a nonrefundable fee for filing an appeal of $1000.00.)
  3. If ZBA upholds the order, the violation must be corrected within the timeline specified by ZBA or a summons may be issued.

Working in the Interest of the Community

Zoning Enforcement Officers often find themselves working as neighborhood mediators and liaisons between government and citizens. If at any point, the accused shows progress or appears to be coordinating efforts with the officer, timelines will be extended.

It is important to remember the delicate social issues at hand (cultural, financial, physical and mental health, and other similar issues). The ultimate goal, is to fix the violations and keep them from reoccurring in order to maintain and stabilize every neighborhood in the community.