pueblo IceArena

                         COVID-19 INFORMATION

    In light of the COVID-19 health emergency, the 
      Pueblo Ice Arena will be closed until further notice.                  The City of Pueblo is practicing social distancing as
 recommended by the CDC.

  If your business can be handled electronically or by phone, please do so.  
  If you have any questions pertaining to this facility, please call 553-2730 or 553-2731.

 Thank you for your cooperation!

  Mayor Nicholas Gradisar

  Steven Meier, Parks and Recreation Director

​       Pueblo Parks and Recreation                       Safe Re-opening Phase 1
                                                  EFFECTIVE May 1,2020

The Pueblo Ice Arena opened in fall of 1975.The Arena is a year-round indoor first-class facility at 39,800 square ft with a single NHL size rink 200’x 85’with four locker rooms, ref room, all with showers. Arena also has a fully stocked concession area with birthday party rooms. Arena has two electric Zamboni’s and electric edger emitting zero carbon monoxide since 1994.The arena stays at a cool 50-54 degrees.  

Arena hosts, public skating sessions, Friday night lazer light public session, birthday parties, ice skating lessons, youth and adult hockey, freestyle figure skating, school field-trips, college night and homeschool day.

Arena is home to, Pueblo Figure Skating Club, Pueblo Tigers Youth Hockey, Pueblo County High School, Co-ed Hockey, Pueblo Men’s League, Pueblo Women’s Team, Pueblo Hockey Club and the Pueblo Bulls.

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Our Mission 

The mission of the Pueblo Ice Arena is to provide exceptional, year-round, affordable ice skating opportunities and services for citizens of all ages to safely enjoy in an efficient, courteous, and professional manner.

   *Attention, any time the school districts are closed
       due to adverse weather the Pueblo Ice Arena
                            will also be closed.                           
      Please call for more information 719-553-2730