Energy Resources

The City of Pueblo is committed to 100% renewable energy power by 2035 (see Ordinance 13612)

By promoting Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy that save residents and businesses money, reduce energy consumption, improve community health, increase resilience, and advance social justice, Pueblo will achieve this goal.

Did You Know?

EVRAZ's steel mill in Pueblo, Colorado, showcases a 300-megawatt solar farm, featuring over 750,000 solar panels spread across 1,800 acres. This expansive facility is the largest on-site solar installation in the United States dedicated to serving a single customer.

Xcel Energy is building a 10-megawatt iron-air battery array the size of a football field near its retiring Comanche coal-fired power plant.

Established in 2006, CS WIND Corporation has grown as world no. 1 Wind tower manufacturer with abundant production bases in Vietnam, China, Canada, and UK.  The tower manufacturing plant in Pueblo is currently the largest in the world.


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